3 YA Characters Who’d Help You Escape a Locked Room (and 3 Who’d Be Useless)


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By Laura Etzkorn

Picture this: you wake up in a room on a cold floor, with no recollection of how you got there. You’re trapped with a stranger, so you try to escape.

roomroom peevyhouse Till you wake up on the same cold floor in the same room, stuck with the same stranger.

That’s the reality that Rett is stuck in at the beginning of Parker Peevyhouse’s upcoming The Echo Room, a claustrophobic thriller where two teens try to escape a strange prison only to realize that they weren’t locked in, but may have been trying to lock something else out.

We saw this as the perfect opportunity to revisit some of our favorite—and not so favorite—YA characters to see who we’d want to be stuck in an echo room with—and some who we’d like to stay far away from, thanks.

Have your own ideas on the echo room? Let us know in the comments!


Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games

We’re starting out strong here with one of the best when it comes to figuring their way out of a less-than-ideal situation. In fact, one could argue that the Hunger Games are kind of like being trapped in a deadly escape room.

Katniss is intelligent, fierce, and knows how to fight when she needs to. She’d not only help keep you safe, but she’d probably make pretty decent conversation while doing it. Oh, and let’s not forget that she’s a great shot. Which will come in handy in the likely event that you’re not alone.

June or Day from Legend Series

Living in the Republic, a nation perpetually at war, gives both June and Day the upper hand when it comes to survival skills. They may come from totally different backgrounds, but both characters are great at uncovering secrets and ulterior motives, which will help you figure out why you’re trapped in the first place.

Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows

He might not be the most trustworthy guy on the block, but I gotta hand it to him: he knows how to execute a good escape plan. Kaz has been swindling people for years, managing to create distractions when they seem impossible and consistently managing to get himself out of even the stickiest of situations.

Kaz has built his life around knowing the ins and outs of the darker side of things, has a knack for putting together the perfect team, and can work with your strengths to find the role that’s right for you. Just remember to keep your valuables locked up.


And who it would be best to avoid…

Grant Tavish from The Unfortunates

You’d think someone whose family traditions involve a lone cave excursion would be better in survival situations, but oh well. On top of his skillset—or lack thereof—Grant can be kind of a bummer overall. He isn’t the best conversationalist, and he’ll probably spend most of the time talking about how disappointed he is to not live up to his family’s expectations. Sorry, Grant.

Scarlett from Caraval

Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure that Scarlett can be a great time. She was thrown into a game with unanticipated terms too. And I totally understand, one can’t be expected to anticipate every possible scenario at every possible second. Unfortunately, that’s exactly why Scarlett wouldn’t be the best companion in the echo room.

Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter

Another heavy hitter here, with a character notorious for getting cold feet when the going gets tough. Malfoy always had some heavy support, but that won’t be possible if it’s just you guys in a locked room. If left to his own devices, Malfoy tends to fold, making him a less than ideal companion.

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