YA monster

YA Books for Your Monster-loving Heart

Monsters help us conquer our demons or explore the unknown. We’ve put together a list of YA books with monsters that are creepy, strange, classic, and cool.

Virtual reality img

5 Signs You Are Living in a Simulation

Parker Peevyhouse’s latest YA thriller, Strange Exit tackles the complex theme of reality versus simulation. In the novel, a group of passengers finds themselves trapped in a shared virtual reality aboard a ship orbiting the earth after a nuclear event. When the sim they’re living in begins to breakdown, their only hope for survival is […]

The worse than

5 Easy Tips to Escape a Time Loop

Written by Parker Peevyhouse The worst has happened: you’ve stumbled into a time loop. Your day or hour, or week is stuck on repeat and you’re either trapped in boredom or facing the prospect of experiencing a terrible death over and over again. But don’t give into despair just yet. If your favorite time loop […]