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YA Shout Outs: LGBTQ+ Pride Month

Looking for LGBTQ+ books to read during Pride Month? The Tor Teen Team has recommendations for you! Read more about our favorite books with LGBTQ+ representation.

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YA Shout Outs: Mental Health Awareness Month

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month, the Tor Teen Team wanted to shout out some of the books that discuss mental health with care and empathy, and that make us feel seen and understood.

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5 Books to Celebrate Pride Month

All year round is a good time to read books featuring LGBTQ+ characters and relationships, but this Pride Month it’s especially on our minds. YA has seen an explosion in characters who show a wider range of gender and sexuality – here are just a few books to read this June and look forward to in the coming months!

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Chaotic Change

Read KaeShawn Smith’s essay, inspired by Anger Is a Gift by Mark Oshiro!

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5 Books About Socially Conscious Teens

Now more than ever, speaking up and out for what you believe in is a part of growing up and taking your place in the world. Anger is a Gift by Mark Oshiro, coming later this month, features teens confronting social and community issues with courage and standing together to fight for what’s right. As we anticipate its release next month, we’ve come up with a list of books in which teens band together in the wake of tragedy and injustice to change their communities for the better.

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Best of Bookstagram: Our May Round-Up

Rain or shine, one of our favorite activities is gazing upon the unattainable gorgeousness of a good bookstagram. Check out some of our favorites from this month!