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If the chilly February weather has got you down, have no fear! We’re celebrating this month of love by sharing some of our favorite page-turning YA romantic comedies that are warming our hearts this season.

Faking Reality by Sara FujimuraFaking Reality by Sara Fujimura

“Faking Reality by Sara Fujimura is a sweet and bubbly feel-good romp that has all the comfort and comfort food you could ask of a young adult romance. Dakota McDonald has had enough of her parents’ HGTV show, where unfortunately her life has been a feature. “Never again!” she swore after The Great Homecoming Disaster plot line. But when the show looks like the only future for the restaurant that belongs to the family of her best friend / secret crush, she’ll have to decide if that’s worth bringing her love life back into the spotlight. Meanwhile, best friend/secret crush Leo Matsuda has always wanted more than the burden of supporting the family restaurant. With Dakota’s help, he just might break away. If only he was still so sure that getting away was what he wanted. This is a delightful read, perfect for the romantic escapist and anyone who could use a little more delight. I know you’ll love it!”

Andrew, Digital Marketing Coordinator

I’ll Be the One by Lyla Lee I’ll Be the One by Lyla Lee 

“Lyla Lee’s debut YA novel, I’ll Be the One, was a breath of fresh air that I devoured in one night! The book follows Skye Shin, a bisexual Korean American who auditions for a reality competition show where the prize is becoming a K-pop star. Despite the fat-phobic beauty standards of the K-pop industry and the sudden media scrutiny that comes with being on the show, Skye is determined to become the first plus-sized K-pop star. But falling for her fellow competitor, Henry Cho, is something she hadn’t counted on. I’ll Be the One is an adorable, fast-paced, butterfly-inducing read that I can’t recommend more!”

Lizzy, Marketing Intern

The Extraordinaries by TJ KluneThe Extraordinaries Series by TJ Klune

“TJ Klune’s The Extraordinaries is a hilarious coming-of-age tale about fan-fic writer Nick Bell and the superheroes he loves—not what typically comes to mind when thinking of your next rom com read. But I assure you, the budding love between Nick and his BFF Seth Gray will have you enchanted right from the start. Nick is the most popular writer in the Extraordinaries fandom, but being behind the scenes is not enough for him. After a chance encounter with Shadow Star, Nova City’s mightiest hero (and Nick’s biggest crush), Nick sets out to make himself extraordinary, too, even if Seth is not completely on board with the idea. But of course, at the end of the day, Seth always has Nick’s back. Their chaotic, hilarious banter and puppy love will have you melting. This is the queer, lovable rom com that we all deserve, making you both swoon and laugh-out-loud—and often, at the same time.”

Anthony, Senior Associate Director of Marketing

She Drives Me Crazy by Kelly QuindlenShe Drives Me Crazy by Kelly Quindlen

“If you’re a fan of trope-filled, compulsively readable romantic comedies, you’ll absolutely want to pick up She Drives Me Crazy by Kelly Quindlen! It’s a queer enemies-to-lovers romp about high schoolers Scottie and Irene who are forced to carpool together by their moms after a fender bender in the school parking lot. After spending some time together, Scottie ropes Irene into a fake dating scheme to get back at her toxic ex, and many hijinks ensue! She Drives Me Crazy explores complex topics, like young love and coming out, in a refreshing and humorous way, and I enjoyed every second of reading it! It’s the kind of book I’d LOVE to see be made into a movie.”

Sarah, Digital Marketing Coordinator

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