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Need to escape the hot summer heat? Dive into these YA fantasy books—now on sale for a limited time this month!

About The Infinite Noise by Lauren Shippen:

Caleb Michaels is a sixteen

Caleb Michaels is a sixteen-year-old champion running back. Other than that his life is pretty normal. But when Caleb starts experiencing mood swings that are out of the ordinary for even a teenager, his life moves beyond “typical.”

Caleb is an Atypical, an individual with enhanced abilities. Which sounds pretty cool except Caleb’s ability is extreme empathy—he feels the emotions of everyone around him. Being an empath in high school would be hard enough, but Caleb’s life becomes even more complicated when he keeps getting pulled into the emotional orbit of one of his classmates, Adam. Adam’s feelings are big and all-consuming, but they fit together with Caleb’s feelings in a way that he can’t quite understand.

Caleb’s therapist, Dr. Bright, encourages Caleb to explore this connection by befriending Adam. As he and Adam grow closer, Caleb learns more about his ability, himself, his therapist—who seems to know a lot more than she lets on—and just how dangerous being an Atypical can be.

Look out for Some Faraway Place, the third book in the Bright Sessions series—coming September 28, 2021!

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About The Princess Will Save You by Sarah Henning:

When her father dies Princess

When her father dies, Princess Amarande is given an ultimatum: marry the leader of a neighboring kingdom, or lose her crown—and possibly her life. To force her hand, her beloved, the stableboy Luca, is kidnapped. But Amarande was raised to be a warrior, not a sacrifice. And nothing will stop her from saving her true love.

If you love The Princess Will Save You, check out the next installment in The Kingdoms of Sand & Sky series, The Queen Will Betray You—available now!


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All sales end 8/31/2021 at 11:59 pm.

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