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The Darkests Starss

The paperback of  The Darkest Star by Jennifer L. Armentrout is out this July, and we’re revisiting this recap of what happened in the world of the Luxen before we met Evie and Luc.

By Zakiya Jamal

The release of The Darkest Star by Jennifer L. Armentrout is almost here, which means it’s almost time to head back to the world of the Luxen! We couldn’t be more excited to get reacquainted with Luc and meet Evie Dasher, but it has been a while since we’ve been in this world. In case you’ve forgotten where the story left off, here’s a refresher!

When the Lux series began the existence of Luxen, one of the alien races living on Earth, was a secret that only a select few humans knew about, including Katy Swartz. Katy fell in love with Daemon Black, a Luxen, and when he used his alien powers of healing to save her life she became a Luxen hybrid giving her abilities like the Luxen, including being able to move things with her mind and running incredibly fast. These abilities made Katy and Daemon interesting to the Department of Defense.

As it turned out, the American government wanted female Luxen hybrids and male Luxen to produce children called Origins. These children were incredibly intelligent and had all the abilities of their Luxen fathers but were also stronger and could read minds. Luc is an Origin.

Understandably, Katy and Daemon didn’t want to be forced to make babies for the government so they were determined to do whatever it took to stay out of the government’s clutches, including revealing their abilities to the whole world in a fight on the Las Vegas strip. Not only did this fight show humans that there were aliens living among them, but it also gave other Luxen, who hoped to take over the planet, the opportunity for an all out alien invasion. This invasion led to the deaths of thousands of humans and the destructions of many cities. It was only with the help of the Arum, the other alien race living on Earth who were the Luxen’s lifelong enemies, that the Luxen were finally defeated.

Still, after the fight devastated most of the U.S. and many humans had family and friends who were killed in the attack, many fear or hate the Luxen. Though the Luxen are allowed to live amongst the humans it comes with limitations and restrictions, including the prohibition of any aliens being romantically involved with a human. That said, Luc has never been the type to follow rules so when he meets Evie, a human, he doesn’t even try to stay away.

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