6 YA Outlaws You’d Want To Partner Up With


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Heroes are great and all but sometimes we prefer reading about characters who break the rules, not follow them. Thankfully, there are plenty YA novels that star outlaws who aren’t afraid to be a little bad. Below are some of our favorite outlaws who we would love to partner up with.

Isoka (Ship of Smoke and Steel by Django Wexler)

ward boss who uses the power of MelosIsoka is an 18-year-old ward boss who uses the power of Melos, the Well of Combat, to exert her will over the criminals in her war. Isoka isn’t afraid to kill others to get what she wants and protect her younger sister, Tori. Though she’s often ruthless, if Isoka is on your side you don’t have much to fear.



Kaz Brekker (Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo)

Kaz has built a reputation for taking bookAlso known as “Dirtyhands,” Kaz has built a reputation for taking on any job, no matter how dangerous or how violent. While he is feared by most people who live in the city of Ketterdam, when it comes to his crew specifically, Inej he’ll go above and beyond to keep them safe.



Adelina Amouteru (The Young Elites by Marie Lu)

Adelina is a Young Elite bookAdelina is a Young Elite with abilities no one has ever seen before, putting her on the run from those who want to rid the world of people like her. However, Adelina’s power gives her a formidable strength that makes her almost impossible to defeat.



Katarina (Heist Society by Ally Carter)

grew up in the family business bookKatarina, “Kat” for short, grew up in the family business of thieving, so being a criminal mastermind is in her blood. That’s why she’s the perfect person to help you plan a heist and get away with it.



Brynn Hilder (The Deceivers by Kristen Simmons)

You have to be pretty good at conningYou have to be pretty good at conning people in order to make into a school specifically made for aspiring con artists. That’s what happens to Brynn, who’s accepted into Vale Hall, where she’ll learn even more skills to help her become an expert at cons; whether that’s good thing or bad thing remains to be seen.



“Captain” Carswell Thorne (Scarlet by Marissa Meyer)

Thorne may not be the bestsHonestly, Thorne may not be the best at being a criminal. When readers first meet him he’s in jail, after all. Still, he’s plenty of fun to be around and he’s a great pilot, which certainly comes in handy when one needs to make trips between Earth and the moon quite often.