prettyboy two

20 Signs Your New BFF is a Spy

Kimberly Reid, author of Prettyboy Must Die, offers hot tips on things that suggest that your new friend might be a secret agent.

YA Bromances Feature

5 YA Bromances We Can’t Get Enough Of

It’s Best Friends Week! Yesterday we talked about some of our favorite female friendships in YA fantasy, and today we’re talking our favorite YA bromances.

Bookstagram compilation

Best of Bookstagram: Our April Round-Up

April showers better bring some May flowers, but until they do we’ll just stay inside to read and take gorgeous pics of books indoors. Here are some of our favorite bookstagrams from readers and authors across the instaworld to give us (and you!) some inspiration.


Our 5 Favorite Hackers in YA

With their combination of skilled rebellion and mysterious computer wizardy, fictional hackers are always fun to follow on page and screen.

Bookstagram collage, March

Best of Bookstagram: Our March Round-Up

It’s that time! And by that we mean its time to round up our favorites from all the glory, fairy lights, shelfies, and gorgeously filtered covers that make up this month’s bookstagrams.

least trust your best friends

5 Books That Prove You Can’t Trust Anyone

If you’re looking for books that prove nothing is as it seems, and are already pretty sure everyone around you is a suspect, read on. Because these five books will have you convinced that you can’t trust anyone.