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Everything Coming from Tor Teen in Winter 2022

Winter continues, but it’s not 2021 any more! That’s right—we’re here in a whole new year! And to carry you through the remaining cold months of this winter season, we’ve compiled everything that’s headed your way from Tor Teen. So break out the hot cocoa, grab your favorite blanket, stoke a cozy fire, and dive […]


A Tale of Twin Cities: A Tour of Minnesota with Author Naomi Kritzer

Locations both digital and IRL are a vital component of Naomi Kritzer’s CatNet series, which began with 2019’s critically acclaimed Catfishing on CatNet. Now she offers us a deep dive into the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota—locations that she loves, and also the primary setting of the riveting and recently released Chaos on CatNet. […]