Favorite YA villains

There’s Something About Villains: YA Baddies We Can’t Resist

wcag test heading By Lizzy Hosty What’s better than a ‘bad guy’ that you can’t help but love? To celebrate the release of All of Us Villains, a dark fantasy with no shortage of wickedness, we’re taking a look at some of our favorite baddies in YA. From iconic characters such as Cruella and Lady […]

Faraway preview

Read an Excerpt of Some Faraway Place by Lauren Shippen!

     Some Faraway Place, the third Bright Sessions novel from creator Lauren Shippen, features Rose, who has her humdrum life flipped upside down when she starts to travel into dreams. Rose Atkinson’s mother can see the future. Her father can move things he doesn’t touch. Her brother Aaron can read minds. And Rose, well, she […]


Empathy Over Stigma: Celebrating Mental Health Awareness!

Celebrate the importance of mental health awareness with Tor Teen and check out our first ever Crowdcast live event, Empathy Over Stigma. Authors TJ Klune, Mark Oshiro, and Lauren Shippen joined us to discuss mental health representation in YA. Watch a replay of our Crowdcast Livestream, access helpful resources, and learn more about the exciting, upcoming titles from our event’s three featured authors!