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Battle of the Critiques

Stormrise author Jillian Boehme shares tips on how to use critiques to better your writing.

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Writing for the Screen vs the Page

    Some writers dream of their words bound up in print. Some long to see their worlds on the silver screen. Debut author Robert Cochran is one of the lucky ones who’s got it both ways. Robert Cochran is an Emmy Award-winning executive producer and showrunner who co-created and executive produced the international television series […]

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Building the World of Ship of Smoke and Steel

wcag test heading Many years ago, a friend of mine and I were doing some world design for a D&D campaign, and talking about one aspect of the default world presented in the manuals that has always bugged me: the role of magic in their society makes no sense. The rule we came up with, […]

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Writing Out of Order

Author Susan Dennard describes how she learned that writing chronologically isn’t always the answer, and you don’t need to begin at the beginning.