A Thousand Fires

Shannon Price

10 Years. 3 Gangs. 1 Girl’s Epic Quest…

Valerie Simons knows the Wars are dangerous—her little brother was killed by the Boars two years ago. But nothing will sway Valerie from joining the elite and beautiful Herons with her boyfriend Matthew to avenge her brother. But when Jax, the volatile and beyond charismatic leader of the Stags, promises her revenge, Valerie is torn between old love and new loyalty. 

"Brutal and beautiful, A Thousand Fires broke my heart. A fast-paced tragedy of love, betrayal, and vengeance."  —Heidi Heilig, author of For a Muse of Fire

"A Thousand Fires pulls you in close and shows you the essence of what it means to keep fighting. Shannon Price is one to watch." —Gwenda Bond, New York Times bestselling author of Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds