Diana Gill


With twenty years in publishing, including running Harper Voyager for 12 years, I’m delighted  to now acquire for young adult (no misery lit) for Tor Teen along with my adult list. My editorial sweet spot is genre-based commercial fiction with mainstream appeal–think smart vacation reads.  Strong voices are my catnip, and underrepresented voices are greatly desired.

I love strong heroines (however they define strength) and well-defined worlds, whether now, in the past, or in another world. I’m thrilled to be working with New York Times bestselling author Susan Dennard and award-winning author Katie McGarry at Tor Teen, along with new debuts Jillian Boehme and Erin Swan. Upcoming YA debut’s include Shannon Price’s A THOUSAND FIRES and Sara Fujimura’s EVERY REASON WE SHOULDN’T.

Along with great YA fantasy (epic, supernatural/witches, and beyond), I’d love to find a teen psychological thriller w/ romance: think Lois Duncan’s I Know What You Did Last Summer or Killing Mr. Griffin for young adults today.