YA Royals that Stole Jillian Boehme’s Heart

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A cursed prince. A princess fighting for justice. Kingdoms battling for ultimate glory. Who doesn’t love a good royal story? Read author Jillian Boehme’s list below of YA royals that have stolen her heart, and decide which one should take the crown.

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By Jillian Boehme

When I was a teen, YA as a category was just squeaking its way into appearance, so most of the fantasy books I read were straight-up adult epic fantasies that left an indelible mark on me.

One of my favorites of these formative-for-me authors is Kathryn Kurtz, whose Deryni books I fell in love with when I was twelve. The first book opens with the sudden and suspicious death of the king, which leaves his 14-year-old son Kelson on the throne. Oh, Kelson! I followed his journey through many books from uncertain heir to masterful ruler, hoping more than anything that he would one day stop being unlucky in love and find the woman of his dreams (spoiler: he does). I blame him for my love of all things royal in YA fantasy!

Here are some royalty-themed YA books that have recently stolen my heart:

opens in a new windowThis delightfuls bookkThe Princess Will Save You by Sarah Henning

This delightful book, which turns The Princess Bride on its ear, will have you rooting for our tough-as-steel Princess as she seeks to rescue her love—and save her kingdom. I enjoyed it so much and am so looking forward to the release of the sequel, The Queen Will Betray You.


opens in a new windowNikolasi was one of my favorites in the Shadow and BoneKing of Scars by Leigh Bardugo

Nikolai was one of my favorites in the Shadow and Bone trilogy, so I was thrilled when he was given his own story. And of course I’m greatly anticipating RULE OF WOLVES, which I hope to devour soon. 



opens in a new windowpremises of two royal sisterssA River of Royal Blood by Amanda Joy

The premise of two royal sisters having to fight each other to the death so that the remaining one can become queen had me hooked from the moment I read the jacket flap.



opens in a new windowboasts a youngs kinggThe Seventh Sun by Lani Forbes

This one boasts a young king with the blood of the sun god in his veins—and the girl he chooses for his bride. Add some Aztec mythology and a stunning betrayal and you’ve got a great take on YA royals.