Bright Sessions fans, we’ve got a very special treat for you! Listen to this exclusive excerpt from the audiobook of A Neon Darkness by Lauren Shippen—read by Charlie Ian (the voice of Bright Sessions baddie Damien). Villains love to make an entrance and Damien is no exception. Hear a sneak peek of what goes down when our favorite bad boy arrives in “The City of Angels” on Halloween.

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Robert Gorham always gets what he wants. But the power of persuasion is as potent a blessing as it is a curse.

Robert is alone until a group of strangers who can do impossible things—produce flames without flint, conduct electricity with their hands, and see visions of the past—welcome him. They call themselves Unusuals and they give Robert a new name too: DAMIEN.

Finally, finally he belongs. As long as he can keep his power under control.

But control is a sacrifice he might not be willing to make.

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