Danielle L. Jensen’s 5 Favorite Fantasy Duos

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Danielle L. Jensen is the author of the Dark Shores series, and she’s no stranger to duos of dynamic and exciting fantasy characters. To celebrate the release of her newest book, Dark Skies, she chatted with us about her top 5 fantasy duos in YA books!.

By Danielle L. Jensen

YA duos come in all different formsYA duos come in all different forms, from romantic pairings to bromances to siblings to best friends. One of my favorite parts about writing the Dark Shores series is that it is full of relationships of every sort, and it is the dynamics between these characters that brings the story alive. But the one universal characteristic I look for to name a duo one of my favorites is that no matter how bad things get, these heroes and heroines always have each other’s backs.

Here are my five favorite YA fantasy duos!

Safi & Iseult in Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

I have a huge love for foundI have a huge love for found family, and these two friends couldn’t be closer if they were bound by blood. They each have their strengths and weaknesses, but together they are a seriously fierce team. Yet even apart, Safi and Isuelt remain steadfast and loyal to each other, never breaking the bonds of sisterhood.

Lou & Reid in Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin

Enemies to lovers

Enemies to lovers is my favorite romantic trope, and the romance in this novel is *chef’s kiss*. With all their differences, it would be simpler for Lou and Reid to walk away from each other when circumstances explode (which they really do!) but neither character is the sort to take the easy road. Their quirks, charms, and differences draw them closer and strengthen their love.

Jem & Will in Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

The Infernal Devices

The Infernal Devices has the best executed love triangle in all of YA, and a big part of that is the strength of these two parabatai. Not even falling in love with the same girl can tear this lifelong friendship apart! While Tessa throws a wrench into the mix, Will and Jem remember their bond as brothers and know that seeing each other happy matters more than getting the girl.

Zuhra & Inara in Sisters of Shadow and Light by Sara B. Larson

This gorgeous novelThis gorgeous novel is about the fierce bond between sisters, which is one of my favorite types of stories. When Zuhra’s and Inara’s isolated world is broken open by the sudden arrival of a stranger, their devotion and strength is tested but never broken. Zuhra and Inara are complex because Zuhra never sees Inara and her strange powers as a burden, continuing to love her sister through incredible hardship.

Yumeko & Okame in Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa

Opposites attractOpposites attract not just in romances but in friendships as well. Yumeko is bright and optimistic, while Okame is cynical yet still loyal and charming. Given how dark and dire their adventures are, they work and fight together to stay positive because they know they need friendship to survive. Yumeko’s light gives Okame hope to redeem his honor, and Okame’s cleverness and honesty quite literally keep Yumeko alive.