$2.99 eBook Sale: Never-Contented Things by Sarah Porter

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Get the ebook of Never-Contented Things for just $2.99 all month long!

About Never-Contented Things:

Bound by haunting tragedies, Ksenia Adderley and Joshua Korensky have shared a home as foster siblings since they were children. Despite their opposite personalities Ksenia is prickly, Ksenia is pricklymistrustful, Josh, flamboyant and outgoing they are fiercely protective of one another. As teens, they’ve grown even closer. Some say unnaturally so.

With Ksenia’s eighteenth birthday approaching, their guardians expect her to move out. They want to free Josh of his obsession with the foster-sister whom they regard as a strange, unhealthy influence. But they don’t understand the depths of Josh’s feelings for Ksenia and how desperate he is to ensure they stay together forever.

The one called Prince understands all too well. Attracted by the intensity of Josh’s desires and Ksenia’s fears, he can grant them a home among his kind: beautiful creatures not of this earth. All they have to do is surrender their very humanity and succumb to the cruel whims of Prince and his fae courtiers…

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Sale ends January 1