By Andrew King

Jennifer L. Armentrout returns to the world of the Lux in The Burning Shadow, the irresistible second installment of the Origin series where there’s no shortage of gorgeous alien guys, government conspiracies, and dangerous love. Evelyn Dasher, who crossed paths with Luc and the world of the Luxen in The Darkest Star, is now searching for the truth behind missing stretches of time in her memory that no one is willing to fill her in on. Her search brings her closer and closer to the arrogant and gorgeous Luc, but how can she trust her feelings if she can’t trust her memory? And if things weren’t complicated enough, there’s a deadly flu-like virus on the rise that’s altering its victims in horrific ways… 

The Burning Shadow is full of tension, intrigue, and romance, all of which you’ll find in the music on this playlist curated by Jennifer L. Armentrout herself!

Check out the full playlist below:

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