Tor Teen Shares Their Favorite YA Ships

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In Django Wexler’s new YA fantasy novel, Ship of Smoke and Steel, there are a lot of different ships taking place on the ghost ship main character Isoka finds herself on. In honor of that, we decided to ask Tor Teen which YA ships (relationships, friendships, familial ships, etc.) are their favorites.

Elayne Becker, Associate Editor

My favorite YA relationships“My favorite YA relationships are those that occur in Dark of the West. Not just the love story between the two protagonists, Athan and Aurelia (although it’s very swoony), but also the family dynamics they both experience.”



Ali Fisher, Editor

favorite ship is Eleanor and Park“My favorite ship is Eleanor and Park because they work hard to treat each other right in a world that doesn’t treat either of them well.”




Ariana Carpentieri, Assistant to VP. Marketing & Publicity

Thorns and Roses book“My favorite YA ship is Feyre and Rhysand from A Court of Thorns and Roses because their love is really pure and they respect each other as equals.”




Saraciea Fennell, Senior Publicity

Maris and Finn are my“Maris and Finn are my favorite YA ship because it’s unforbidden love and you just have to read Happily and Madly to find out why.”




Bess Cozby, Editor

Everyone should read these“One of my favorite YA relationships is Kaz and Jesper’s friendship in Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom. In Crooked Kingdom they have the best character driven fight. It’s awesome and I love them. Everyone should read these books!”



Diana Gill, Executive Editor

to friendship and more“I was delighted to take over working on [Only a Breath Apart]. Scarlett and Jesse are so real and believable as they find their way back to friendship and more.”