Tor Teen Reader of the Month !

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“Read every day and learn from what you read.” —Octavia Butler

Fall’s rushing past all too quickly, so we’re savoring the November vibes and autumn shades in the Bookstagram world. Plus everyone knows fall is the best comfort reading time of the year. Cold enough to drive us indoors to the book nook but not so cold and slushy that we feel trapped there. Do you feel us?

On to our featured readers! Last month we chatted with Ariana, of literary.faerie, who works with us here at Tor Teen, and this month we’re excited to chat with Christy Jane of @diamondxgirl!

Featuring: Christy Jane, @diamondxgirl

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What got you into Bookstagram?

My bookstagram account originated as a personal account, which were mostly posts about music and makeup (my original blogging passion!). In late 2015, I started posting about books and author events, which turned into a larger interest in blogging. I wanted to connect with multiple communities, so I stuck with bookstagram and have grown with it since then. Last year, I joined forces with @bookcrushin to host #SignedBookSundays and share our love of supporting authors and indie bookstore events. I love my network and seeing a peek into everyone’s bookish lives!

Describe your perfect reading spot.

My primary form of reading is through audiobooks. I have a long commute and stay pretty busy, so I use my commute plus running to listen to books. I have one run a week that is chill, where I get to sink into my book and let go of everything else. That’s my favorite “place” to read. What was your favorite book at 15?

What is your favorite bookstagram prop?

A clean background! I love when books are the center of a photo – just show me that gorgeous cover!

What was your favorite book at 15?

I consumed every Lois Duncan book I could get my hands on. I have always loved thrillers and her books were everything to me as a teen. A few years back, she answered questions on Goodreads and she picked one I asked her! Such a cool moment. I’m glad we have her stories to remember her by.

What’s your favorite Tor Book of all time?

In case you missed it, I am absolutely obsessed with Demetra Brodsky’s Dive Smack. Theo, Chip, and Iris are just the best (#YouGotThis). I picked it up while waiting for my favorite band to come on stage and it was so tough to put down…I finished it the next day. I loved the way it raised my suspicions and kept me guessing till the end. I’ll be shouting about this book forever.