The Perfect Books to Go With Your Favorite Fall Drinks


By Julia Bergen

It’s finally October – which means sitting back with a good book and a nice hot drink. But which book goes with which drink? Not a problem you’ve ever thought of? Well, if you’ve never considered pairing your reading material with your autumnal beverages, it’s about time you start. And if it’s something you’ve considered very carefully, first of all that’s amazing, second let us know your fave book/fall drink pairings! We want to try them!

What to read with a Pumpkin Spice Latte? The Harry Potter series!


For the ultimate fall drink, you’ve got to go with the Harry Potter series. Basic but delightful, a classic PSL is the perfect thing to drink while reading about pumpkin juice, butterbeer, and all those fantastic Hogwarts Halloween parties. Sure, the early books aren’t YA, but Harry Potter is for every age.

What to read with an apple cider? The Last Harvest!

kim liggett

Besides reading a good book, one of the best fall activities is visiting a farm and loading up on fresh apples, pumpkins, pies, and of course apple cider. But what goes on behind the scenes at a farm? Maybe a dark ritual, or even a few murders? The Last Harvest combines fresh farm produce with the creepy, supernatural vibes you always want out of a book in October.

What to read with a hot chocolate? American Panda!


If you like your Octobers more cozy than scary, then a hot chocolate with American Panda is your ideal fall drink pairing! Not only is this book as sweet as hot chocolate, but the main character, Mei, loves hot chocolate and drinks it regularly throughout the book. She’s even drinking a mug of it on the book cover.

What to read with black coffee? The Dark Intercept!


In the Fall you can FINALLY stop ordering your coffee iced. So cozy up with The Dark Intercept, and feel better about how much coffee you drink by reading about Danny finishing an entire coffee in two sips. You’re not drinking too much coffee. It’s normal to be that jittery.

What to read with herbal tea? Vicarious!


Protagonist Winter Kim loves to make her own tea blends, and they all sound amazingly delicious. So, while you’re trying to put together the pieces of her broken memory and figure out what’s real and what’s not, a nice herbal tea is the perfect thing to drink. Or is your tea even real? Could that be part of the mystery?