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By Julia Bergen

Witchlanders, we are so close to the release of the third Witchlands adventure, Bloodwitch, which we all get to read on February 12th!

And with the Windwitch paperback coming out on October 16th, it’s time to catch up on how all this started with a Truthwitch .GIF recap!

We start with our brave heroines, Safi and Iseult! They’re trying to rob some rich people in a carriage.


It goes terribly wrong. They manage to escape though.


Guarding the carriage was Aeduan, a mysterious Bloodwitch.








He’s kind of a bae. A Baeduan even.


Safi has to go to a party and winds up dancing with multiple princes, NBD.


Then Safi finds out she’s engaged to a king who’s waaay too old and waaaaay too creepy…


Safi and Iseult book it.


Because Safi and Iseult are threadsisters, which means they have an unbreakable bond.


Aeduan finds out Safi’s truthwitchery is worth a lot of money to the right people. Truthwitches are extremely rare and valuable. So he’s like:


Turns out one of the princes Safi danced with at the party (Merik) has agreed to help Safi escape her not-fiance in exchange for Safi’s uncle helping him save his kingdom.

Safi, finding Merik an obnoxious if pretty annoyance, is not pleased.


But a girl’s gotta escape. To the seas!


There are some nautical escapades with Merik’s fleet of sheeps and lovable crew.


Such nautical. Such escapades.


Meanwhile Iseult starts hearing voices.


Aeduan follows them like a creeper.


After some of the escapades, Safi decides Merik isn’t the worst.


Safi decides Merik is kind of a bae.


Safi and Merik mack out.


But then Vaness, Empress of Marstok, a super powerful ruler who wants her own truthwitch, shows up with a fleet of ships. Her metal witchery is on point.


So Safi gets kidnapped. And Merik’s all:


Also turns out the voice in Iseult’s head is the big bad, a former threadwitch who may be able to bend the threads of fate.


Who’s working with Aeduan’s super-evil dad…



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