7 Bookstagrams That Will Make You Fall in Love With Roar

Roar Featuress

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We love talking about Cora Carmack’s luscious YA fantasy about a princess in a land of magical storms, but we love looking at it even more. We thought we’d share our love with some gorgeous bookstagrams that makes us want to drop everything and read Roar all over again.

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So I finished Roar last night and it's safe to say that I absolutely LOVED it. The world building was great, I'm so on board with Roar and Locke, and I personally loved the pacing! The only problem is that I am in desperate need of the sequel NOW when this one technically hasn't been released yet. June 13th mark your calendars!! I went into this without hearing any friend's reviews/recommendations. I only knew it was a fantasy that had to do with storms which completely sold me. So I'll be the one to tell you to grab yourself a copy of this when it comes out! It's SO GOOD YALL. Thanks @torteen for sending me a finished copy 🙂

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Roar had me hooked from page one! the world that Carmack created was so intriguing & i loved every bit of it. i need book two asap! / / @overflowingshelf ~ #roaringacademy

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I recently read Roar by Cora Carmack (@coracarmack) at the recommendation of Loni (@lonopia), and I absolutely loved it! This was such a fun book! I loved the idea of storm magic and absolutely adore the main character Aurora. I can't wait for the next installment of this series! . . . #allthebooksaugust ~ Fave Female Warrior ~ Aurora is one of my new favorites! . . . #bookstagram #yabooks #yalit #ya #read #reading #book #books #bookworm #bookaddict #fiction #fantasy #magic #bookish #roar #stormheart #coracarmack #recommended #yafantasy #worldbuilding #booklover

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One of my favourite reads this summer had to be, without a doubt, Roar by Cora Carmack (@coracarmack)! I loved Roar – so much so that I’m already considering a re-read after we've moved! Carmack crafted a truly beautiful piece of YA Fantasy here, and it has all the elements fans of the genre will want – action, intrigue, magic and romance – in addition to being a wonderfully developed and complex story! If you haven't read it yet, I would highly recommend picking it up! • • • PS. This gorgeous bookmark was created by @littleinklingsdesign! #littleinklingsdesign #littleinklings #fairyloot #bookish #bookstagramfeature #bookstagramfeature #bookishfeatures #roar #coracarmack #stormheart #stormling #booklover #bookworm #bookblogger #YAfiction #YAfantasy

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I finished Roar Thursday afternoon and was completely surprised by how good it was. I started the book out thinking certain things were going to happen and kind of skeptical. But then I was COMPLETELY wrong! This book took me by surprise and blew me away, it took me under 24 hours to read it (yes, being stuck in a car for HOURS was part of why I read it so fast). I devoured this book and didn't want to set it down. The ending definitely has a cliffhanger and it really left me wanting more. I'm upset at myself for reading it so quickly because now I have to play the waiting game for the sequel. Thank you @fairyloot for including the glorious book in the June box! TL;DR: 5/5 Stars, read this book and see for yourself! This photo was taken just inside the Eastern entrance of Yellowstone. There's a tiny little geyser blowing steam in the background. . . . #bestofvsco #bookcommunity #epicfantasy #yafantasy  #bookaddiction #booklovers #bookishlove  #livres  #literature #booktography #vscobooks #booklove  #mypassion #amazingbooks #dreambooks #bookstagramer #lovereading  #bookcollection #igread #roar #coracarmack

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This book though!!! Another book that was brought to my attention by #bookstagram (I seriously love that I came across Bookstagram) but as I was saying #Roar is such a beautiful read. I am I love with the concept and the fact that this is one of the first series that I have read that has to do with storms. . Cora presents a story that is fun, daring, and a seriously fun read. I can't wait until the sequel!!! Btw the cover and the feel of the book is so comfortable and beautiful. When I received it in the mail the cover alone made me want to read it right away!!! #bookstagram #booklover #booksfordays #readon #readinglover #strengthinreading #CoraCarmack

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I could probably stare at this cover all day and never be bored loved this book!! Highly recommend this to anyone who loves fantasy and wants to read about a pretty unique magic system. Can't wait for the next one!

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